Talk on "The Bayesian brain" by Alexandre Pouget (University of Geneva)

Mon, 05 Jun 2023 11:00 - 12:30 JST

Open area at AIP Nihombashi, but can also attend through Zoom (see the description for a link)


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Speaker: Alexandre Pouget
Date: June 5th, 11am
Venue: Open area at RIKEN-AIP Nihombashi (only for AIP researchers)

Zoom (open to all):
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Meeting ID: 945 7819 7908
Passcode: 92wRBJ4ivk

Title: The Bayesian brain
Abstract: A large swath of behavioral experiments suggest that approximate Bayesian inference is at the heart of all neural computation, whether for perception, cognition or motor control. I will present a specific theory of how neural circuits implement probabilistic inference using a neural code known as probabilistic population code, and review experimental evidence in support of this theory. I will also present recent data showing that prior expectations are encoded throughout the entire brain, thus suggesting that the brain function as a large recurrent Bayesian network.

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