【Information】Online International Symposium on Personal AI

Thu, 30 Mar 2023 16:00 - 18:30 JST
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We are pleased to announce the following online international symposium.

Title: Personal AI: Value Co-creation by Decentralized Management of Personal Data
Sponsor: Artificial Intelligence in Society Research Group, Center for Advanced Intelligence Project, RIKEN
Time: 16:00-18:30 JST (9:00~11:30 CEST) on Thursday March 30
Venue: Zoom webinar
Admission: free
Language: Japanese and English, with simultaneous interpretation

This symposium will be held as the kick-off event of the project "Mental Freedom and Value Co-creation through Decentralized Data Management" launched in FY2022 as part of Moonshot Goal 9.
This project aims to demonstrate that decentralized management, where personal data is fully utilized only by the personal AI (PAI) exclusively dedicated to the individual, has higher added value than conventional centralized management. We hope to promote this approach along with democratic governance of PAI in order to defend freedom of mind, promote value co-creation, and simultaneously strengthen democracy and economic performance.
In this symposium, we invite researchers developing PAI (guardian angel) in Europe to discuss the potential and ELSI of PAI, among others.

16:00~16:10 JST (9:00~9:10 CEST) Opening Remark
Koiti Hasida (Group Director, RIKEN AIP)
16:10~16:50 JST (9:10~9:50 CEST) Presentation
Marc Duranton (Senior Fellow, CEA)
Tullio Vardanega (Professor, Padua University)
Guardian Angels, the digital genius loci engines that orchestrate the "next web" and guide and protect users (tentative title)
16:50~17:15 JST (9:50~10:15 CEST) Presentation
Koiti Hasida
Personal AI for Value Co-Creation
17:15~17:40 JST (10:15~10:40 CEST) Presentation
Kazuo Hiraki (Professor, the University of Tokyo)
Big Data, Long Data, Wrong Data: Perspective from Developmental Cognitive Science (tentative title)
17:40~18:25 JST (10:40~11:25 CEST) Discussion
The presenters and other participants
18:25~18:30 JST (11:25~11:30 CEST) Closing
Koiti Hasida

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