NeurIPS meetup Japan

Sun, 06 Dec 2020 00:00 - Sun, 13 Dec 2020 21:00 JST
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Welcome to NeurIPS meetup Japan registration page. NeurIPS is a top conference of machine learning, computational neuroscience, and their applications. This virtual meetup aims to connect students, researchers, and engineers related and interested in these topics. Especially, those who are new to these topics are welcome at this event!

The meetup is going to be held in Japan Standard Time during NeurIPS. In addition to NeurIPS's keynote talks, we will broadcast talks by invited speakers and authors from institutions in Japan. Most importantly, we will have virtual "coffee breaks," "lunch," and "banquet" for participants to know each other and discuss various topics related to NeurIPS.

This virtual event will be held on 6th, 9th, and 12th December. For more details, please visit

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