[4th AIP Open Seminar] Delegation of Digital Heritage to Personal AI Agents

Wed, 02 Dec 2020 15:00 - 17:00 JST
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AI Utilization in Society and Legal System Team ( at RIKEN AIP

Speaker : Hiroshi Nakagawa
Detail :
This seminar consists of three sessions as follows;

1. CCOCA: Skewness of Contact Noticing App(Japanese) 15:00~1530
2. Delegation of Digital Heritage to Personal AI Agents (Japanese) 15:30~16:00
3. Delegation of Digital Heritage to Personal AI Agents (English) 16:00~17:00

*The first and second session will be delivered in Japanese. The third session will be provided in English. (Simultaneous interpretation will not be available.)
If you want to join the English session, please join this seminar after around 4 pm.

Delegation of Digital Heritage to Personal AI Agents
Abstract 3: In this report, we will explain how to handle digital heritage, which has been increasing in diversity such as SNS logs and Internet bank accounts in recent years, and the results of investigations on legal issues of inheritance. Next, we will consider measures to improve the situation where the data subject cannot manage the digital heritage after his/her death, let alone utilize it. Here, we focus on the personal AI agent, which has been used for the life of the individual and has come to represent the intentional behavior and intention of the individual as a result, and introduce the concept and mechanism. Finally, we will introduce the mechanism and legal issues for delegating the person's digital heritage to a personal AI agent.

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